A guide to Desperate Housewives
  • Season 1: What the fuck did Mary-Alice do?
  • Season 2: What the fuck did Betty Applewhite do?
  • Season 3: What the fuck did Orson do?
  • Season 4: What the fuck did Katherine do?
  • Season 5: What the fuck did Dave do?
  • Season 6: What the fuck did Angie do?
  • Season 7: Why the fuck is Paul Young back?
  • Season 8: What the fuck did everyone do?

#SizeDoesntMatter October Yoga Challenge with @biggalyoga and @yogimj
Day 4 Triangle Pose

How to join in:
1. Take a photo of yourself in the daily pose and post it to either Instagram or Tumblr with the tag #SizeDoesntMatter
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3. Have fun!

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Meep -Meep (via frenchmistakehands)

Steal His Look: Dandy Mott
Plastic Trash Can - $29.97
This is perfect. I can’t. Justice for meep please.


Lmao they were mosh pitting ahs more like warped tour